The SEA Group

The SEA Group, based on the forty  year Agreement signed between SEA and ENAC in 2001, manages the Malpensa and Linate airports which are ranked among the first ten airport systems in Europe for volume of traffic, in both the passenger and cargo segments.

The airport system managed by the SEA Group comprises: 

  • Milan Malpensa, dedicated to the development of intercontinental traffic, it reported an addition increase in passenger traffic compared to the previous year, achieving its best performance since 2007/2008 to date with 19.3 million passengers. The complete restyling of Terminal 1 has improved the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the check-in, boarding and security control areas and has seen the construction of a new commercial platform - one of the largest in Europe. At Terminal 2, projects to create new security filters, check-in desks and upgrading of the baggage delivery area, as well as the construction of the new railway station and extension of the railway from the current Terminal 1 station, will make it possible to adapt the offered services to the expected quality level.
  • Milano Malpensa Cargo, a cargo transport support infrastructure, which in the coming years will see its capacity extended and plant development. The construction of new warehouses is scheduled, together with extensive areas for the parking and movement of vehicles. In 2016, thanks to its hi tech facilities and innovative IT systems, Milano Malpensa Cargo confirmed its role as a crucial centre for the distribution of imported and exported goods at a national level achieving an all-time new record of 537,000 tons of transported goods. 
  • Milan Linate, which principally serves a frequent-flyer customer base on domestic and inter-EU routes. Just 8 km from Milan city centre, it is truly a city airport, with structures and areas dedicated to business and shopping. Restyling will start in 2017 and the airport will be completely renewed. At present the plan has been approved by ENAC and is waiting for approval for the commission to assess the environmental impact of the Ministry of the Environment. 
  • Milan Linate Prime, managed by SEA Prime SpA, a subsidiary of SEA SpA. Dedicated to general aviation, it offers services and facilities with a high added value. During 2015 the air terminal was thoroughly redesigned and new services were added.

Finally, through SEA Energia (wholly owned by SEA SpA), the Group owns two co-generation plants mainly dedicated to satisfying the energy needs of Linate and Malpensa, through the combined production of electricity, heat and cooling.