Key financial figures at December 31, 2016 and other indicators

The condensed consolidated figures taken from the financial statements are illustrated below.

Profit and Loss Figures

(in thousands of Euro)20162015Delta
EBITDA (1)234,403223,07611,327
Pre-tax profit141,037134,7186,319
Disconitnued Operations profit/(loss) (2)(130)3,238(3,368)
Group Net Profit93,61983,8509,769

(1) EBITDA is calculated as the difference between total revenues and total costs, excluding provisions and write-downs. EBITDA in the comparative period, which also included provisions and write-downs with the exception of the restoration and replacement provision was therefore restated according to the new approach in order to ensure data comparability as shown in the Explanatory Notes paragraph 2.1 “Basis of preparation”.

(2) The profit/loss of the company SEA Handling SpA in liquidation is reported in the "Discontinued operations profit/(loss)" line as required by IFRS 5.

Financial Figures

(in thousands of Euro) At December 31. 2016At December 31. 2015Delta
Fixed Assets (A)1,317,1571,306,93210,225
Working capital (B)(188,683)(197,299)8,616
Provision for risks and charges ( C)(174,061)(177,902)3,841
Employee benefit provisions (D)(49,220)(48,239)(981)
Net capital employed (A+B+C+D)905,193883,49221,701
Group Shareholders' equity375,264344,66830,596
Minority interests56654125
Net Debt529,363538,283(8,920)
Total sources of financings905,193883,49221,701


(A) Fixed assets, including those falling within IFRIC 12 scope, are shown net of fixed assets financed by State and European Community grants. At December 31, 2016 the latter amounted to Euro 503,601 thousand and Euro 5,517 thousand respectively and at December 31, 2015 they amounted to Euro 498,553 thousand and Euro 5,517 thousand respectively.

(in thousands of Euro)At December 31, 2016At December 31, 2015Delta
Investments in tangible and intangible assets69,48786,780(17,293)

Other indicators

 At December 31, 2016At December 31, 2015
Employees HDC2,8662,905