Consolidated Income Statement

(In thousands of Euro)Note Total of which Related Parties Total of which Related Parties
Operating revenues7.1653,51237,834642,40836,979
Revenues for works on assets under concession7.246,622 52,384 
Total revenues700,13437,834694,79236,979
Operating costs    
Personnel costs7.3(182,971) (176,979) 
Consumable Materials7.4(37,805) (44,262) 
Other operating costs7.5(201,841) (201,694) 
Costs for works on assets und. concession7.7(43,114) (48,781) 
Total operating costs(465,731)(12,241)(471,716)(10,656)
Gross Operating margin / EBITDA(*)234,40325,593223,07626,323
Provisions and write-downs7.6(5,497) (3,245) 
Restoration & replacement provision7.8(17,193) (14,242) 
Amortisation and Depreciation7.9(61,714) (59,524) 
Investment income (charges)7.109,8429,8427,7237,723
Financial charges7.11(18,940) (19,929) 
Fianancial income7.11136859
Pre-tax profit141,03735,435134,71834,046
Income taxes7.12(47,263) (54,165) 
Continuing operations profit93,77435,43580,55334,046
Discontinued operations profit/(loss)5.2/7.13(130)03,2380
Minority interest profit25 (59) 
Group profit93,61935,43583,85034,046
Basic earnings per share (in Euro)7.14 0.37  0.34 
Diluted earnings per share (in Euro)7.14 0.37  0.34 

* EBITDA is calculated as the difference between total revenues and total costs excluding provisions and write-downs. EBITDA for the comparison period, which included provisions and write-downs with the exception of the restoration and replacement provision, was therefore restated according to the new approach in order to ensure data comparability, as shown in the Explanatory notes paragraph 2.1 “Basis of preparation”.