Quantitative traffic data

Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate airport traffic

 2016% vs 20152016% vs 20152016% vs 2015
Total commercial traffic260,5113.1%28,947.83.1%549,4157.2%
 General Aviation Linate (3)20,707-8.4%43.8-9.9%--
Airport system managed by the SEA Group281,2182.2%28,991.63.1%549,4157.2%

(1) Arrived+departed passengers in thousands

(2) Arrived+departed goods in tons

(3) Source General Aviation: Linate-SEA Prime

During 2016, more than 29 million passengers transited the Milan airport system managed by the SEA Group, with a 3.1% growth over the previous year. This performance is particularly significant considering that 2015 had benefited from extraordinary traffic generated by the EXPO event in the May-October period. 

The increase in commercial aviation passengers reported in the system in 2016 (+864 thousand) was caused by an expansion of the available capacity (linked to the increase in movements and increase in the average dimension of the aircraft), only in part offset by a reduction in the average load factor of the aircraft.

General aviation at Linate in terms of movements decreased by 8.4% compared to 2015, which was characterised by extraordinary traffic connected to the EXPO event. On a yearly basis, there was a 5.0% decrease in aircraft tonnage, with a 3.6% increase in the average size of aircraft transiting at the airport (the average aircraft was 15.8 tonnes, compared to 15.3 the previous year). 

Cargo traffic in the SEA system in 2016 grew by 7.2%, exceeding the 549 thousand tonnes managed.

This performance was driven by Malpensa, which for the third year in a row achieved a significant growth in the segment (between 2013 and 2016 the airport reported an average annual increase of 8.4%, with more than an additional 115 thousand tonnes), exceeding the 537 thousand tonnes of handled cargo (+7.4% compared to 2015) and confirming its status as a crucial centre for the distribution of imported (+5.4%) and exported (+8.7%) goods on a national level.