The SEA Group Sustainable Development Policy

The SEA Group strategy in relation to sustainable development and the effective management of stakeholder relations is based on the sustainable creation of value principles, considered from a number of fronts (economic, environmental, social) with a view to strengthening synergies between the three components.

The Group therefore draws up its strategies in such a manner that the resources, actions and instruments deployed in the social and environmental areas are in the form of investments, which can therefore support the proper management of company risk and the growth of the Group.

The "Values in progress" project was started in the second half of 2016, aimed at promoting the distribution and exchange of contents regarding SEA's new ethics system approved by the Board of Directors at the end of 2015.

The "Social" dimension

The first edition of the “The Social Challenge” project ended in the first quarter of 2016; its objective is to encourage SEA employees to embrace the civic commitment undertaken by non-profit organisations in the regions surrounding the Linate and Malpensa airports. "The Social Challenge" is a participatory process involving the identification and selection of social projects designed by non-profit organizations operating in the provinces of Milan and Varese, to which the Promoters (SEA SpA and the Association Noi SEA) provide 6 contributions of 10,000 euro each.

104 projects were submitted for a decision to the Evaluation Commission which selected 24 finalist projects that participated in the online referendum on the SEAnet platform. 

A certification process was implemented in the second half of the year aimed at obtaining “Family Audit” certification. Family Audit is a managerial tool adopted voluntarily by organisations, including private companies, public entities and non-profit organisations, that intend to certify their constant commitment to a work-life balance. By adopting the Family Audit certification, SEA intends to trigger a virtuous cycle of continual improvement, by introducing innovative organisational solutions related to: job flexibility, smart working and a culture of reconciliation. A Three Year Company Plan has been prepared, composed of twenty-seven initiatives, to obtain the Basic Certification.


Management of relations with the stakeholders

In 2016, the Group’s policies regarding relationships with stakeholders involved employing the usual tools through which the company systematically collects opinions, perceptions and evaluations regarding its perceived image and satisfaction for the services provided as well as the implementation of a specific stakeholder engagement project linked to the development of the new Malpensa 2015-2030 Master Plan.

The initiatives undertaken in this area in 2016 regarded the organisation of workshops dedicated to Malpensa's socio-economic impact and environmental impact studies, public meetings to disclose the contents of the Master Plan - organised in the municipalities of the Malpensa area by the respective municipal governments - and activation of a digital platform, containing all the project documentation and video recordings of the workshops.

In addition, the first opinion survey was created in the second half of the year aimed at employees and prepared by the CSR function and HR Department. The survey was created on a digital platform with the objective of obtaining the viewpoint of SEA personnel related to some major issues regarding their well-being at work: welfare, work organisation, identity and values. The questionnaire was filled in by 595 employees (21% of the company workforce). The results of the survey were used - in addition to obtaining an evaluation profile of the welfare offering currently provided and for a diagnosis of the current perceived level of application of company values - also to provide input to the internal Work Group which contributed to the Family Audit certification programme.